Friday, January 06, 2006


Have you ever wonder how true it is that she screams of passion when you two are together? Have you seen the movie: “Mañana te cuento”? (Peruvian movie by the way, which translation is “I’ll tell you tomorrow”)
Well, there’s a scene when the call girl asks the guy if he really knew if his girlfriend enjoyed the sex and if she ever came. Ok, you didn’t see the movie. I did XD
Some of us women are noisy, others prefer to be silent, others enjoy talking dirty, others want some little petting, and others find it exciting to be tied up or even whipped. Well, that’s the way we are, so different, so alike.
Personally, I’m one of the noisy ones, but I don’t scream that loud, do I?
Of course I’ve been told to make less noise, but that’s because there were mortals around, although when you have gone to a motel and listened to the people there, their screams and moan, well, you think I’m not that noisy.
Once, when I was in a hostel, on those times when I was with mi ex, and it was 6 am, with everyone waking up to run to their houses, we heard a woman and her screams, which could paint anyone green of envy. "Ah-ah-ah-mmmm-ah-ah" and we were like: "Wow! Such a bitch!" “Damn, listen to her!” and then we heard a frightening "aaaaaaaaah!" It couldn’t be an orgasm that huge. So, scared to death, we pay attention to what came next.
"Buaaa...buaaaaa....aaaaa!" Pum pum pum..." Hello? Please, this is an emergency, my baby was just born, this is an emergency!! What is the address?. …Avenue; yes please! my baby was just born” Pum pum pum...
(Some minutes later) Naaaaaaaaaa--aaaaa-aaaa (well… it was a fire engine’s siren) Pum pum pum... "Yes, they are here, come on”"
A baby crying! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the woman had been screaming because of the dilatation and simply gave birth in the room. I opened the door slightly and I could see how they took the new mom downstairs, sitting on a chair. I was watching the scene and I wasn’t surprised to see other eyes like the mine ones watching from behind their doors.
Crazy, uh? But true. And you? Do you have an anecdote worth telling? Just imagine the scene 10 years from now: “Yes son, you were born in… a… a motel…” hahaha. I knock on wood.
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